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The Furthest Shores of Political Correctness

Gave a talk last week to a summer math camp at a New England liberal arts college “widely known,” says Wikipedia, “for its alternative curriculum.” Good talk, nice crowd, decent food in the refectory, and of course nothing about the college is the fault of the math camp, who just wanted a quiet place to talk math.

So before giving my talk I wanted to use the bathroom. I asked my host. He pointed me to the other end of the corridor we were in. I walked down there and sure enough there were two obvious-looking doors, side by side.

On one door was the legend: WITH URINALS. On the other door: WITH SANITARY BINS.

So I guess the words “men” and “women” are now politically incorrect. If a person socially constructed as “female” wishes to avail herself of a urinal, why should her wish not be answered? Similarly, if a person of the so-called “male gender” has the need to dispose of something in a sanitary bin, why should his need not be satisfied?

Which planet is this again?

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