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The Future of NPR: A Prediction

So I was rattling around Ohio for the day on Thursday, tuning in the various local NPR stations in my rental car just for grins. Seems it is pledge week — or month, or year, or whatever; pledge week always seems to last longer than Black History Month, which, as Harry Stein once wrote, seems to last till June — and the local NPRers were bemoaning the House vote to cut their funding. It would mean a loss of $400,000 to one of the local stations I grabbed (Columbus, I think).

If this survives the Senate, a prediction: Their revenues will soar as they raise money hand over fist from guilt-tripped liberals (but I repeat myself), and NPR will lurch to much, much further to the left, becoming indistinguishable from a simulcast of MSNBC. Heck, it might even be the vehicle for an Olbermann broadcasting comeback.


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