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Today on Uncommon Knowledge, Islam historian Bernard Lewis and Commentary editor Norman Podhoretz predict the future.

“I am incorrigibly optimistic about the United States of America. I don’t think that we are an empire in decline, though no empire lasts forever, but we’re not an empire. So both premises are false. We’re not an empire; we’re not in decline. I think despite the blow that my faith in the American public has taken from this last election. I continue to believe that there is health and vitality and good sense in this nation, especially if we eliminate the left and right coasts where… I often say where I live is Plague Central, which is in Manhattan, of course. So I continue to believe in American exceptionalism. I continue to believe that in the end, who was it? I think Churchill said, ‘after we do all the wrong things, we finally do the right thing.’”

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