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Gaddafi speaks: America’s Friend?

From a speech delivered yesterday (h/t M.) on the anniversary of the 1986 U.S. bombing of Tripoli:

  • He began his speech with a verse from the Qur’an: “Against them make ready Your strength to the utmost Of your power, including Steeds of war, to strike terror Into (the hearts of) the enemies, Of Allah and your enemies, And others besides, whom Ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know” (Al-Anfal, chapter 8 verse 60).
  • On Ronald Reagan: ““[The attack was ordered by] that deranged American president who was inflicted with Alzheimer’s. We warned America then that he was mad and they didn’t believes us. But now we have been proven correct”
  • On terrorists in Iraq: “The strongest army on planet earth is being defeated at the hands of the People’s Resistance in Iraq…The People’s Resistance in Iraq is forcing the strongest organized army in the world to not only think about withdrawal but also fleeing.”
  • On Lockerbie and the State Department deal: “For American oil companies to return to Libya: They must pay, therefore, what we paid with the right hand we retrieved with the left hand.”

Michael Rubin — Michael Rubin is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, senior lecturer at the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Civil-Military Relations, and a senior editor of the Middle East ...

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