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Gallup: Business Owners Now Among Least Approving of President Obama

A new Gallup poll indicates that business owners are increasingly unhappy with President Obama.

In a survey looking at “Obama job approval by occupation,” business owners were the most disapproving group. When it comes to the president’s performance, 59 percent of business owners disapprove. Just 35 percent approve.

As Rachel Weiner of the Washington Post writes, “that’s a drop of 6 percentage points from the first quarter of the year, when 41 percent of business owners gave Obama a positive job approval. It was the only group that became significantly less approving of the president over the past three months.”

The Gallup poll was taken before Obama’s “you didn’t build that” comment about businesses. Weiner writes “this shift likely has more to do with economic indicators than Romney’s attacks.”

Overall, working Americans are divided on the president’s performance, the approval and disapproval rating being tied at 47 percent:

The poll finds President Obama finds favor with professionals, office workers and service-industry workers. The president also performs most poorly among construction and farming, fishing, and forestry workers.

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