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Democrats are already circulating accounts of Robert Gates and Iran-contra. If there is a Chairman Levin, he will probably have a few questions. In fact, the Gates confirmation hearings will be an early test for Senate Democrats. They will undoubtedly realize that they need to suppress their desire to take an early scalp lest they face accusations of trying to undermine the troops and the war effort.  But they’ll be conflicted.

Meanwhile, former Democratic senator Sam Nunn has released the following statement:

Bob Gates is an excellent choice to be the new Secretary of Defense. I have known Bob and worked closely with him for years. He has demonstrated an ability to work closely with Congress on a bipartisan basis and has a well-deserved reputation on both sides of the aisle for competency and integrity. We are fortunate that a man with his wisdom, judgment and experience is willing to assume this responsibility during a time of serious challenges for our military men and women and our nation.