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Gavin Newsom: I Just Skipped the Climate Conference for Trick-or-Treating

California Governor Gavin Newsom makes an appearance after the polls close on the recall election, at the California Democratic Party headquarters in Sacramento, Calif., September 14, 2021. (Fred Greaves/Reuters)

California governor Gavin Newsom offered a partial explanation for his strange absence over the past two weeks, saying he skipped the Glasgow climate change summit because he wanted to go trick-or-treating with his kids.

Newsom appeared at the 2021 California Economic Summit in Monterey, his first public appearance since getting a booster shot October 27, and appeared to be in good health.

“The kids, literally, they kind of had an intervention,” Newsom said. “They said they couldn’t believe that I was going to miss Halloween. And we’ve got a five year old, our oldest is 12, four young kids, and I’m defending myself. I gotta go, this and that. And my wife was going to go as well, and Mom and Dad missing Halloween — for them, it’s like worse than Christmas, missing Christmas. And I woke up that next morning with something is probably familiar to a lot of parents, that knot in your stomach. That I had no damn choice, I had to cancel that trip.”

Halloween was nine days ago. Newsom went on to say that he brought his children into work with him several days last week.


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