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Gay Marriage in Maryland


While we’re on the general topic of sex and culture, I should mention something I just learned that I have not seen remarked upon yet by others here in the Corner: The Maryland House of Delegates last night, reversing its decision of last year, approved gay marriage. The bill is expected to pass the Maryland Senate, which approved the measure last year, and then signed by Governor Martin O’Malley. (O’Malley, incidentally, was a classmate of mine at the Catholic University of America ’85. I didn’t know him at all; I was too busy hanging around with all the cool kids I thought were going places.) The Internet is abuzz with the rumor that former vice president Dick Cheney helped to sway one of the Maryland legislators in favor of the bill, but the Huffington Post reports that sources close to Cheney are skeptical:

A high-profile Republican close to Cheney told The Huffington Post that they had not heard about the former vice president’s involvement. Another source close to Cheney pushed back against the report. Cheney’s office was not immediately available for comment.

Cheney has, for years, been one of the most prominent Republican supporters of same-sex marriage.

The governor’s signature may not settle the matter, though: There is talk of a November ballot initiative in Maryland, of the sort envisioned for New Jersey by Governor Chris Christie.


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