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Gay Marriage & The Next Level

Jonah, on the likelihood of imposed national gay marriage after Massachusetts, you should have a look at David Frum’s post from yesterday. For some of my own discussions on this issue, you could look at “The Right Balance,” and “The Real Issue.” On Queer Theorists, the problem is not simply a kind of deliberate plot to undermine marriage. There are gays who will marry for the various benefits available within marriage, while nonetheless sincerely believing that marriage and monogamy do not require each other. That will work a cultural change, whether intentional or not (and with many it will be intentional). Then there are the problems of lesbian-sperm donor triads and triple parenting. I wrote about that in “Heather Has 3 Parents” and “Seeing the Slip.” Then there is the problem that legal gay marriage will tear down legal barriers to state sanctioned polygamy/polyamory, whether gay couples approve of those sorts of unions or not. I’ve written about that a lot. But mainly I ask that you withhold judgement until after Massachusetts acts. At that point, I am going to be publishing a lot. And the material I publish will push my arguments on this issue to a whole new level.


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