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Thing One and Thing Two Do Their Thing to Connecticut

The Boston Globe is reporting that General Electric will formally announce tomorrow that it will move its corporate headquarters from Fairfield, Connecticut to Beantown. After years of tax and regulatory abuse (and deep-seated bureaucratic obtuseness to business), the company, symbolizing the position of many Connectcicut enterprises, large and small, announced last year that it had had enough and was looking to take its business elsewhere. GE’s threat to relocate was mocked and derided as bogus by various Connecticut Democratic lawmakers, who have cast for-profit job creators — from corporate titans to the local barbershop — as an enemy of sorts, and always as a source of cash to reallocate to the Left’s favored causes, foot-soldiers, and unions. A ten-thumbed attempt to keep the headquarters local turned into a farce, no doubt assuring the inevitable outcome.

Democratic governor Dannel Malloy returns to the Constitution State today, fresh from his thrill of sitting beside the First Lady at last night’s State of the Union speech — there couldn’t be a more appropriate sidekick to the Mrs. Obama, as Malloy in five years has raised taxes by billions and crippled the state economy, as if hell-bent on changing the Connecticut’s  motto to “We’re No. 1 at Being No. 50,” the once great economic engine now typically ranking last or near-last on many annual economic financial studies. Surely the governor will spin the GE debacle as some sort of who-needs-’em victory. And just as surely, deserving a position in his spotlight is Senator Richard Blumenthal, the titular leader of the state Democratic Party. Having held statewide office for over two decades, Blumenthal, especially during his 20-year tenure as attorney general, was a main architect of the new economic dynamic, intent on tormenting businesses, many of which, like GE, out of despair long ago left the state or shut their doors.

Malloy and Blumenthal are the Thing One and Thing Two of Connecticut politics. Like the Cat in the Hat’s friends, they have caused utter destruction. Unlike them, there’s no way in heck they will be able to clean up the damage. Take a bow, senator, take a bow, governor, and move on to the next business you can put out of business, or send packing.


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