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The Geena Davis Show

Remains doomed, doomed I tell you.

The first couple episodes might get pretty good ratings, mostly from the buzz and the novelty. But then the show will die, and fast. Why? Let me count the ways.

Because a chick-president isn’t remotely as controversial as Hollywood liberals think it is. A whole season of “I am woman hear me roar” plotlines will dull the pants off people, and undermine feminist arguments to boot.

It will be dull because who cares how much more difficult picking a Supreme Court nominee, raising/lowering taxes, bombing terrorist camps, whatever is for a female president? Indeed, it will grow increasingly implausible for the audience to believe that there would be any significant difference for a chick president to do anything of these things, particularly after she proved herself capable of doing the job. And the more the producers try to hammer feminist issues into every situation, the duller or more tedious it will get. From the commercials, we’re supposed to believe the government is drenched with crotchety white guys who just don’t believe a woman can do the job. That’s not only implausible, but to the extent they make it plausible they will still be repeating themselves week after week after week. Very quickly, viewers will say “We get it, she’s a woman. Next.”

It will undermine feminist arguments because the more they pump the storyline(s) that it would be so much more difficult for a woman to be president or that a female president would govern differently than a male one, the more they will hammer home that sex is a legitimate criteria to judge a politician by. Some will consider being a woman a plus, others a minus. But either way, that reinforces that women and men don’t do things the same way. That is the stuff that makes frail feminist MIT professors faint.

And, if they go the other way and her sex become a non-issue, then why are we watching? We already have West Wing (right? That’s still on?). If the feminist stuff peters out, then we just have a bunch of liberals running around ABC’s version of the White House instead of NBC’s. Been there, done that.

Oh, and then there’s problem that Geena Davis is no longer watchable.

Doomed, doomed I tell you.

Jonah Goldberg, a senior editor of National Review and the author of Suicide of the West, holds the Asness Chair in Applied Liberty at the American Enterprise Institute.

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