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Geez, You Think?

From a Hanna Rosin piece on Tom Coburn’s sex-ed lecture for congressional staff:

Conservative Christian leaders and STDs are in many ways a natural match. Seen from a biblical mind-set, the growing prevalence of STDs looks like the wages of sin, the price American society pays for the sexual revolution. And even medical experts agree that delaying sex until age 19 or 20 lowers the risk, and the only sure way to avoid ever contracting an STD is to be in a relationship where neither person has ever had another sexual partner.

So, like, the prudes didn’t just make up that abstinence might be a decent idea to introduce to kids. Who knew? Wow. Hope Ceci Connelly (who often “reports” on the radical right’s backward thinking on such things) didn’t read that, might throw off her worldview.


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