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Geneaolgists for Romney

Well, it’s certainly a different campaign bumper sticker….

I’m Catholic. When I lived in Wyoming (for almost 20 years), I knew 

my fair share of Mormons because the western part of that state, in 

particular, has a hefty Mormon population. But my passion for family 

history is where my real exposure to Mormons comes in. Genealogy 

isn’t often thought about, except by those of us who are addicted to 

it. But I would guess that there are hundreds of thousands of us in 

this country, and I think I can safely say that we all use the 

facilities of the LDS library regularly. I even volunteer one 

Saturday morning a month at the local LDS Family History Center. 

While I’m there, the halls of that church building are filled with 

kids and their parents coming in and out for one activity or another. 

We researchers get used to the basketballs bounding off rims and 

backboards. Cult or no, my impression is that Mormons are family 

focused, conservative, and outgoing. I have not once had anyone try 

to make me a Mormon. Not once has any Mormon tried to get me to 

“seal” my family to the temple. I would say Romney could at least 

count on the ranks of genealogists to use their heads about his faith 

because their experiences have shown there really is nothing odd or 

scary about Mormons.

This whole thing about Romney and his Mormon faith sounds so much 

like the fear of “papism” that surrounded the Kennedy election.


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