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George Galloway Threatens Local Business: Criticize Me and I’ll Make You Pay

There’s a general election coming in Britain. How do I know? Because George Galloway is disgracing himself in public again. This exchange, recorded by Rupert Myers of GQ, almost defies belief:

In other words: Nice business you’ve got there; shame if anything were to happen to it; better not criticize me, in case I get into power. 

Sure enough, a few minutes later, Bradford Brewery confirmed that Galloway had contacted the cops:

This is the second time in a week that a would-be member of parliament has involved the police after someone on Twitter expressed disapproval. Surprised by this? Don’t be. Britain now has a range of unbelievably capricious “hate speech” and “public order” laws that effectively give anyone who feels offended the power to shut down his critics. As usual, such measures are sold with mawkish appeals to the protection of the weak. But they are typically used by the strong and the rich and the well connected. George Galloway is an incorrigible bully who has never met an authoritarian he didn’t like. Can we really be so startled that he’s worked out how to play the game?


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