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George W. Bush, Demand-Sider

It appears that President Bush is not only a supply-sider who supports tax cuts, but he’s a demand-sider who supports massive new government spending.

President Bush opposed, and then supported, expanding federal spending for agriculture subsidies. He opposed, and then supported, repeated extentions of unemployment insurance. He joined with Ted Kennedy in massively increasing federal spending for education. He opposed, and then supported, federalizing tens of thousands of airport security personnel. He supported billions in subsidies to the airline industry. He opposed, and then supported, the establishment of a huge and cumbersome new bureaucracy to oversee homeland security. He’s pressuring Republican House leaders to support a $10 billion gift to non-taxpayers in the form of child-tax-credit increases. He opposed, and now supports, an expensive expansion of the soon-to-be bankrupt Medicare program to include prescription drug subsidies to all seniors, regardless of ability to pay. Meanwhile, Social Security continues to pile up tens of billions in obligations, and the president has yet to submit to Congress a long-promised privatization program–once a domestic priority.

Boy, this “compassionate conservatism” is getting mighty expensive.


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