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George Will’s Romney Pretzel

Another take on Romney:

The axiom is as old as human striving: The perfect is the enemy of the good. In politics this means that insisting on perfection in a candidate interferes with selecting a satisfactory one. . . .

Romney, however, is criticized by many conservatives for what they consider multiple conversions of convenience — on abortion, stem cell research, gay rights, gun control. But if Romney is now locked into positions that these conservatives like, why do they care so much about whether political calculation or moral epiphany moved him there?

The headline was “Three Good Options for The Right,” the date was March 2007, and the byline was, of course, that of George F. Will. Romney’s biggest flip-flops all preceded that column. I can think of many reasons why Will might have, er, flip-flopped on Romney’s flip-flops, but it would be interesting to know what it was.


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