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George Zimmerman Detained in Central Fla.

George Zimmerman was detained by police this afternoon in Central Florida after his estranged wife called the police and alleged that he had been threatening her and her father with a gun.

The incident took place in Lake Mary, Fla. and police spokesman Zach Hudson said police are “trying to determine what exactly happened.”

Police have confirmed that Zimmerman was detained but was not arrested. 

Shellie Zimmerman has filed for divorce. She previously pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor perjury charge for lying during a bail hearing after George was arrested following the shooting of Trayvon Martin. George was not in court when she was sentenced in late August. 

UPDATE: There has been no arrest. ABC reporter Aaron Katersky reports that neither Shellie Zimmerman nor her father will give a sworn statement or want to press charges. 

UPDATE: Both George and Shellie accuse the other of being the aggressor in the incident. 

UPDATE: NBC reports that George Zimmerman is “free to go” following the incident.

UPDATE: Kim Segal of CNN Miami says that police did not find a gun on George Zimmerman or anywhere at the scene of the disturbance between him and his wife. 

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