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Georgia Store Owner: Comcast Won’t Air My Ads Because I Sell Guns

The owner of a Georgia pawn shop claims Comcast won’t air his store’s ads because of a new anti-gun policy the cable provider implemented following the Newtown shooting. Ray Reynolds, the owner of United Loans and Firearms, told the Augusta Chronicle last week that the company asked him to change his store’s name and remove all images of guns from the ad if he wanted it to air.

Reynolds lashed out at the Comcast, which recently acquired NBCUniversal, calling it “hypocritical” for taking such a staunch anti-gun stance while continuing to air violent movies on its many channels. Reynolds is now switching to WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone after using Comcast for several years.

A nearby store that sells firearms and archery equipment — Walden’s Outdoors — was also informed that its ads will no longer be broadcast unless changes are made. Comcast offered to edit Walden’s ad, but the he said he’s not sure if he will continue to use Comcast: “I’ve got to look at the principle of it. Do I want to support them if they’re going to be anti- what I’m doing?”

When reached for comment, Comcast’s communication team reiterated that the company “will not accept new advertising for firearms or weapons moving forward. This policy aligns us with the guidelines in place at many media organizations.“ 

Via Georgia Tipsheet.


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