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Geraghty Is Right

The Kerry Spot complains about the Bush-Cheney response to Bomb-gate. I just said on the Hugh Hewitt show (my weekly spot): High-ranking Bush-Cheney officials/surrogates, if not Bush himself have to ask: Does John Kerry trust the U.N. bureaucracy (the same U.N. that evidently did nothing about weapons in Iraq) more than the U.S. armed forces? This is his approach to the world, right before our eyes, again.

I don’t trust, frankly, that the questions raised in Monday’s NYTimes piece have not hurt Bush, once out there. People outside the blogosphere need to get outraged by the CBS-NYTimes-Kerry-U.N. coalition. And they need to see the desperation and lack of respect for the U.S. military coming from the Kerry camp and their MSM friends.

Mayeb readers in battleground states should get on the horn, and travel in-state telling people to read NRO? Sky-writing? Go all out.