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Where the Goose Is Cooked

In Impromptus today, I talk about Trump, the jihad, journalism, language — the usual. The usual includes music. And I have an item about a German children’s song.

This is “Fuchs, du hast die Gans gestohlen,” or, “Fox, You Have Stolen the Goose.” The song is in the news. What? Yes.

In the town of Limburg, a carillon plays tunes — 33 of them. About half of them are children’s songs. And one of them is the fox-and-goose number. A vegan resident complained. So the tune has been taken out of the town’s repertoire.

As I say in my column, this is one for the annals of political correctness. It is outstanding in them.

Better such a sissified Germany than … than … than another kind of Germany? Anyway, that’s a big essay. And in this little Corner post, I would simply like to share the song with you: here.

Catchy little bugger.