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German Worried by Potential Sausage Dog

The single currency continues to bring countries together in friendship and mutual respect.

The Cyprus Mail reports:

Cyprus should not take over the rotating presidency of the European Union on Sunday because it has sought emergency funding [yup, the latest bailout], the head of a business group linked to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives said yesterday. Cyprus, which is due to take over the six-month presidency from Denmark on Sunday, has a banking sector heavily exposed to debt-crippled Greece and said on Monday it was formally applying for help from the EU’s rescue funds.

“This is the paradox of the European Union, that the dog should be put in charge of the supply of sausages!” said Kurt Lauk, president of the economic advisory board linked to Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democrats.

And yes, if you are thinking that Cyprus should never have been sharing a currency with Germany in the first place, you’d be right. Unfortunately, you were not running the euro-zone at the time. That job was left to fanatics, economic imbeciles and gamblers.

And they are still in charge.


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