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Deutsche Raus! Germany Evicts Residents and Seizes Property to House Migrants

The Gatestone Institute has an alarming roundup of news from German sources about how citizens are being evicted from their homes and private property is being confiscated by the government to house the “Syrian” “refugees” flooding into the country at Angela Merkel’s invitation.

The Green Party mayor of Tubingen told of his efforts to buy vacant homes to house migrants:

In the written offers, I advise that the Police Law (Polizeigesetz) gives us the possibility, in cases of emergency, to confiscate homes for several months. The law provides for seizure in emergencies. I want to avoid this, but if there is no other way, I will make use of this law.

In another part of the country,

a single mother with two children has been given until August 2016 to move out of her [state-owned] apartment, also to make room for migrants. Initially, she had been ordered to vacate the property by November 2015, but her eviction was delayed to allow her daughter to finish the school year without interruption.

That town’s mayor said of the plan to terminate residents’ leases, “I know this is an unconventional measure. But as a community, we have an obligation to provide housing for migrants.” If providing housing is something Germans want their government to do, I’d have thought citizens would come first.

In yet another town, “teachers and students were given less than 24 hours to vacate the Jahn-Realschule, a secondary school for 150 students, so that the building can be used to house 300 migrants.”

Mass migration is indeed the health of the state.


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