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Get The Butter — Arlen Is Toast!

Yet even more good poll numbers out today for Pat Toomey. Survey USA poll shows Specter-Toomey at 50 to 44 percent among “certain” voters — that’s the same 6-point spread as the last poll the firm conducted two week ago. But among “likely” voters Toomey has made big headway in a fortnight — he trailed Specter by 17 points in early April, but has now pulled to within 11 (and there are a lot more “likely” voters than “certain” — so percentage points here mean more). Here’s the details. Toomey has the Big Political Mo, he has had it for over a month, and there is no sign at all that there will be any let-up. I have a good feeling (it wasn’t the General Tso Chicken!), and I say the Toomey Express crosses the finish line ahead of Specter, and maybe by more than a cow catcher. April 27th should be a great day for Toomey and the people of Pennsylvania, a bad day for Specter (who has spents gazillions in this race), and also — whether or not Toomey pulls off this mega-upset — a shameful day for those erstwhile conservative lawmakers and Beltway sucker-uppers who have been telling Keystone Staters that Arlen Specter is a near-Reagan loyal Republican.


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