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Get a Government Job (More Easily)

The president has issued a long memo that reforms hiring procedures for jobs in the federal government. The memo is here. It’s all written in Fedsperanto, but some of the news stories give the game away:

For the first time in history, applicants will be able to submit résumés and cover letters and will not be required to complete knowledge skills and ability essays.

Down with knowledge, skills, and ability! No need for that stuff in the federal workforce!

Another bad sign: I’m told the American Federation of Government Employees — that’s the outfit that protects gubmint workers from the predations of unscrupulous, profit-hungry capitalist employers (in this precise case, the U.S. taxpayer) — has come out in support of the president’s action:

We are disappointed…that the president has not used the memorandum to restrict the use of the Federal Career Intern Program,” John Gage, president of the American Federation of Government Employees, said in a statement that was supportive of eliminating mandatory KSAs for initial job applications.

I’m pretty sure this is really bad news for the quality of the federal workforce; but if Rich makes me read that whole memo & précis it in regular English, I’ll slit my wrists.


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