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Get Government Out of the Way

From a reader:


This is so frustrating that no one is really making this point. During Katrina there was also an oil crisis with pipelines and refineries and President Bush was in daily communication with these companies and responded by suspending all kinds of regulations to facilitate pipeline and refinery repair.  (I have family members in the industry).  Work that was estimated to take months was done in days and weeks.  Oil is the fuel of our economy as well as so important to national defense.  George Bush understood this and he knew what needed to be done by the executive of the United States.  And when the job was done he made personal phone calls and wrote letters of commendation to all the folks who worked so hard and around the clock to get it done.  The media and democrats are so wrong to perpetuate this myth about President Bush, and to keep saying “there was nothing Obama could really do”: SUSPEND ALL REGULATIONS, THAT’S WHAT CAN BE DONE TODAY!  Get the government out of the way.  I wish Republicans everywhere would be shouting this from the roof tops!


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