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Who has made it impossible for John Bolton to be confirmed by the Senate? Lincoln Chafee. Who has recently said he may not remain a Republican notwithstanding the millions upon millions of dollars spent by the Republican party to retain his seat? Lincoln Chafee. Who, therefore, in the delusional estimation of a New York Times reporter, might be John Bolton’s replacement at the U.N.? Lincoln Chafee! “Names that have been floated both inside and outside the administration,” writes reporter Helene Cooper in a risible piece today, “include Zalmay Khalilzad, the American ambassador to Iraq; Philip D. Zelikow, the State Department counselor; Paula Dobriansky, under secretary of state for democracy and global affairs; and even Mr. Chafee.”

Next up: The New York Times suggests Karl Rove will be replaced by David Gergen.