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Get Ready. Get Set. Open Your Wallets!

This morning marks the start of our second fundraising drive here at NRO. Bear with us this week, as a variety of political celebs, writers, and many of you, make the case for supporting NRO. NRO is profitable in terms of moving public policy and such, but it’s not a moneymaker. In other words, we’re not asking for you to empty your wallet to make sure I get the gold plating in my executive bathroom. The money you contribute to NRO goes back to you: It will all be spent on making a better product: more writers, more features, more reporting.

You can support NRO financially a few ways. First, a straight donation. To donate via the web, go here. Second, there are two subscription options: 1) Subscribe to NRO Digital. To subscribe to NR Digital, go here. 2) Subscribe to the actual paper edition of National Review. A subscription to the dead-tree edition, on actual dead tree, includes a subscription to the Digital edition of NRODT (in other words, you get it quick and convenient: give it a skim, have access to it as soon as it is available to the world online, then curl up with the longer articles after the mailman delivers). To subscribe to the paper NR, go here.

Thanks for all your support, past, current, and future. Keep reading. Keep finding us useful. Keep sending your suggestions and comments. And, if you can spare a dime—or a few million—you know what to do.

Also, keep watching the homepage this week for cool messages from some of your NRO favs, and many others.


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