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Get Ready for NBC’s Drama Series Based on Wendy Davis

Brace yourselves: NBC is developing a drama series based on the life of Wendy Davis, who you may remember as a wildly over-hyped Democratic nominee for governor of Texas, running on her support for late-term abortion and her trademark pink sneakers… who ran an ad that appeared to mock or criticize her opponent for being in a wheelchair… and who won 38 percent of the vote, losing by a million votes, losing among women after relentlessly targeting that demographic.

Written by Jennifer Cecil, the untitled project centers on a female Democratic senator who, after losing the Texas governor’s race, gets her world turned upside down. In the vein ofThe Good Wife, while she pieces her pride back together, she goes to work in the law firm of her best friend — a black male Republican — and discovers that with no political future to protect, she can unshackle her inner badass.

May I suggest the title, “Game Off”?

That’s life for a progressive icon; even when you lose, you get the glamorous bio-pic. Just ask Mary Mapes, played by Cate Blanchett in the absurdly-titled fictionalization of the CBS “Rathergate” memo scandal, “Truth.” Aaron Sorkin took a character inspired by the oft-fired, cantankerous Keith Olbermann and cast Jeff Daniels in a heroic role; when CBS makes a series about a female Secretary of State – with real-life examples of Madeline Albright, Condi Rice, and Hillary Clinton – they cast Tea Leoni. 


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