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Admittedly I can’t count the emails I don’t receive, but so far lots of readers think this smart thing is a lot fishier than appearances and appearances are pretty darn fishy.

A typical email from a reader:


Not only is it peculiar for the mother to invite this homeless bum into her house for work, there are many more strange doins’

The sister waits 2 hours before calling her parents after the abduction

The intruder is able to break into the house and leave with no one noticing.

A 6000 square foot house, but no burglar alarm?

The sister suddenly remembers who she saw/heard – what – 5 months later?

Elizabeth apparently passes up numerous opportunities to escape, call out for help, even on a city street near the police station.

Color me skeptical. I think the 15 year old was much more complicit than an innocent in this whole affair. And the younger sister, too.

And I did not grow up in NYC.


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