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Get Your Saturday Dose of Sanity with Radio Kudlow

Tomorrow, on his must-listen-to syndicated radio program (catch it locally or on the web here), Larry will be talking big issues — how ObamaCare’s tax-and-spend essence is bad for economy and jobs, the danger of  Judge Roberts’ expansion of taxing power , whether Mitt Romney can take advantage of the Supreme Court’s decision, how the EU’s bond deal is bullish for stocks, the decline of consumer spending, and an interview with Senator Jon Kyl — with an all-star line-up of wise analysts, including Representative Nan Hayworth, NR’s own Bob Costa, Ed Klein, Phil Orlando, Jim Iuorio, David Malpass, Jennifer Rubin, Steve Moore, and James Pethokoukis. Be listening, if only because you need to be reminded that free markets are the best path to prosperity. And dig this: Now Larry’s shows are Podcast-available, here!


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