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Get Your Wallet Out!

So, you have already subscribed to National Review On Dead Tree? You’ve bought your college kid a subscription in the hopes of saving his ideological soul. You’ve even gotten your dog a subscription because you’ve bought the Goldberg household spin about how cool canines look when they’re reading National Review. You’ve even donated to NRO because you love the site and don’t want us to spend our last dollar feeding Jonah his last peanut butter (we can’t afford jelly) sandwich. But you want more. You want to wear NRO with pride. You want your co-workers to know exactly where you are spending your lunch and break time by looking at your mug, your mouse pad, the cap you walk in and out of work with. You want your neighbors to know during the block-party cookout that you really do know more about the world than they do. You want the guys at the gym to know your locker-room talk is not just B.S. by just looking at your backpack. You can fulfill all these dreams now, and more. Visit the new NRO store. And come back often. We’ll be adding as the days, weeks, and months advance. Feel free to send us your comments–your suggestions, wants, and needs. But before you do that, BUY SOMETHING. No, don’t do that. BUY SOMETHINGS. You’ll be all the cooler for it. (Seriously.)


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