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‘Getting the 60 Percent Married’ and the NAACP

I very much enjoyed K-Lo’s interview of W. Bradford Wilcox. Alas, it was apparently not read by NAACP head Benjamin Todd Jealous, whose op-ed in USA Today about the barriers to progress for African Americans fails to say anything, anything at all, about the fact that 72 percent of black children are now born out of wedlock, and that this is the principal reason for all the racial disparities he complains about.

His piece is also unpersuasive in what it does say: It is not lack of funding or racial imbalance that is the main problem in our public schools; it is not discrimination that sends so many young black men to prison; and the reference to “voter-suppression laws in 30 states” is just silly. But it is what he doesn’t mention that is most lamentable.


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