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Getting Back to Myopia

From a reader:


You touched on this, but I think we have to look again at Kerry’s unfortunate remark about getting “back” to the place where terrorism is a nuisance. The word “back” is telling, and defnes clearly and precisely the difference between Bush and Kerry with regards to the war on terror. On 9/12 everyone was fond of saying “everything has changed” and “nothing will be the same” and the like. So much is true. But the Kerrys of this world (extreme left Democrats) are dangerously nostagic for 9/10, and they want to go “back” to it. We can’t.

It’s true that on 9/10 terrorist attacks were a nuisance. Other than the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon, we didn’t take seriously any other terrorist attacks perpetrated against us — not Khobar Towers, not the U.S.S. Cole, not the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, etc. etc. etc. They were treated as nuisances. And what did it get us? 9/11. At that point, the American public woke up and realized that terrorism isn’t just a nuisance, it’s deadly serious stuff. And we went to war, against Al Quaida, and the Taliban, and against “terrorism” {I’m with Andrew McCarthy on the ufortunate use of that phrase). But 9/10 is what Kerry wants to go “back” to. In other words, he wants us to shut our eyes and go back to sleep, pretending that everybody loves us, is afraid of us, and wouldn’t dare plot to murder us on our own turf. This is the nostalgia of the deluded and dangerous, and is evidence that Kerry did not have a fundamental change of worldview after 9/11.

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