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Getting Over Religious Freedom

By the way: The reason the Washington Post and others were on the topic of the HHS mandate under Obamacare is an online survey from LifeWay Research of 1,191 adult Americans that found upwards of half of respondents are fine with its erosion of religious liberty. In this online survey of 1,191, people are less empathetic to the plight of business owners (who the Department of Justice argues do not have religious-liberty rights) than they are to religious institutions.

Other polls, including from the New York Times have suggested a majority think the faith-based entities have a case. Perhaps, much like the Obama administration when it comes to some religious folk and their backward views (she writes with a little bitter sarcasm), they’ve gotten over religious freedom.

You do have to wonder, though, if people would be so indifferent if they knew this controversy was not over Sandra Fluke’s access to birth control, but was instead about a mandate to provide abortion-inducing-drug coverage, for one thing — a mandate that violates fundamental moral values, forcing Catholics, Evangelicals, and Baptists, among others, to choose between their conscience and facing crippling fines.

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