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Gibson Blacklisted?

Looks like Hollywood’s finally found a

blacklist it can live with

. And on a related

matter, I find it appalling that some are holding against him Mel Gibson’s

refusal to publicly disavow his Holocaust-denying father. If my father held

the same beliefs, I would give him hell behind closed doors, and I would not

defend him in public. But I would, as a matter of personal honor, never

allow myself to be put in a position of condemning him in front of others.

Would you do that to your father? I would be squeamish if the Meeropol kids,

the offspring of executed commie spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, trashed

their parents in public (as distinct from actually defending their parents,

which would be immoral). But then again, Hollywood and the media elite would

never ask them to.


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