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K-Lo, no D’oh! Charlie Gibson will be selecting the questioners. He explained on ABC this morning that he will get the 100 “uncommitted” voter questions late this morning, and will select 20 for tonight. (Last time, the candidates addressed 15: eight came from the liberal agenda, two from a conservative list, and five were more non-ideolgical or independent.)

Jim Lehrer picked the beauties last time, including this most obnoxious “uncommitted” person: “In one of the last debates held, the subject of capital punishment came up. And in your response to the question you seemed to overly enjoy, as a matter of fact proud that Texas leads the, led the nation in execution of prisoners. Sir, did I misread your response, and are you really, really proud of the fact that Texas is number one in executions?”

I would love to ask this question. “In 1971, Senator, you testified to the Foreign Relations Committee that the notion of democracy in South Vietnam was ‘the biggest nothing in history.’ In the 1980s, you opposed the Reagan administration’s attempts to build fledgling democracies in Central America. Now, you oppose the notion that democracy in Iraq is worth fighting for. Why does your party still call itself the Democrats?”

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