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Gillespie On Bush and The Dems

AP reporter Ron Fournier details

Ed Gillespie’s speech to the RNC.  Gillespie is, I think, right to point out

that the Dems are flailing, trying to attach any scandal or charge that they

find to Bush.  That doesn’t mean that they won’t find something to stick in the

next year or so.  He’s got a job cut out for himself, especially if he tries to

keep up with Terry MacAuliffe.

It’s also odd that Gillespie borrows almost verbatim from the Convention Speech

in 2000: “The once-proud party of Franklin Roosevelt, who famously told us we

have nothing to fear but fear itself, now seems to have nothing to offer but

fear itself.”

The article makes Gillespie sound as though he did nothing but go negative,

which leads to Fournier’s conclusion that “Gillespie clearly has been cast as

Bush’s attack dog, the quick-with-a-quote operative who can heatedly denounce

Democrats while the president tries to appear above the fray.”  I wonder what

the full text will show . . .

[Link via Drudge]

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