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Gina Rodriguez Says Lebanon’s Wonder Woman Ban ‘Sucks,’ Immediately Cowers to Anti-Zionist Trolls

While splashy, salty headlines try to convince you that “fragile men” across the country are “flip[ping] out” over Wonder Woman, it’s the true dregs of the internet that are coming for the first female superhero lead since 2005: anti-Semites.

It’s not just Lebanon, which has banned the film for starring Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress who served for two years in the Israel Defense Forces. Angry mobs of anti-Zionists went nearly apoplectic last night when Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez quoted a tweet reporting on the Lebanon ban. The decision, Rodriguez said, “sucks.” Gadot, she added, will “do amazing in the rest of the world.”

But Rodriguez’s polite, borderline milquetoast condemnation of a country whose Jewish population has plummeted from 10,000 just centuries ago to well under 100 today provoked outrage. “It’s not because she’s Israeli,” replied @rantingbisexual. “It’s because she’s a Zionist who supports ethnic cleansing and the slaughter of innocent lives.” (I guess there’s a difference between being a citizen of a country and wanting it to exist versus wanting it to be wiped off the face of the planet.) “Why dont u look up why it has been banned rather than supporting it just for the sake of feminism Gina? I used to look up to you,” wrote another user. In the SJW hierarchy of oppressors, Jews are evidently above men.

Within hours, Rodriguez had deleted the tweet and apologized, writing, “Apologies for a very inconsiderate tweet of mine. Yikes. Thanks for educating me y’all and being kind about it.”

And like that, all was forgiven.

@rantingbisexual thanked her.

“Always be ready to learn and apologise,” she wrote. “That’s the backbone of real feminism.”

Well, that and always being ready to throw Jewish women under the bus.

Tiana LoweTiana Lowe is a senior pursuing her B.S. in economics and mathematics at the University of Southern California and a former editorial intern at National Review.


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