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NOV. 1995, WASHINGTON, D.C.–”Gingrich compounded the political risk with his intemperate manner, bad tactical sense, and appallingly undisciplined comments…After the shutdown began, Gingrich said he had sent Clinton a tough resolution partly because the president wouldn’t talk to him on Air Force One in transit to Israeli leader Yitzhak Rabin’s funeral and made him exit from the rear ramp…Where was Gingrich’s self-control? It was a sign of the times that the country had put Bill Clinton in charge of the executive branch and Newt Gingrich in charge of the legislative branch all at once. They shared the same immaturity and longing for father figures; the same starry-eyed faith in technology and taste for management-consultant psychobabble; the same emotional brittleness and self-involved obsession with their legacies.”


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