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Gingrich Leads in Iowa, SC, and Close Second in NH

Results from InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Research poll conducted for Newsmax of Iowa voters: Newt Gingrich (28.1 percent), Ron Paul (13.3 percent), Mitt Romney (11.5 percent), Michele Bachmann (10.1 percent), Herman Cain (9.8 percent), Rick Perry (6.6 percent), and Rick Santorum (3.3 percent).

Two more InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion research polls released today have good news for Gingrich. In the South Carolina poll, commissioned by the Augusta Chronicle, Gingrich is at 38 percent among GOP voters, followed by Romney at 15 percent and Cain at 13 percent. In New Hampshire, Romney is at 31 percent, but Gingrich is close behind, at 27 percent.

Also out is an American Research Group poll of South Carolina likely GOP voters which has Gingrich at 33 percent, Romney at 22 percent, and Cain at 10 percent. No other candidate is polling in the double digits.

One caveat: both InsiderAdvantage and American Research Group were rated as two of the three most unreliable polls by Nate Silver in 2010. 

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