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Gingrich’s Big Mistake

Michael, I agree with you: Newt Gingrich blew it because he decided to attack Romney from the left. A bizarre move, both politically and morally. (The new Gingrich photo is also vintage Gingrich. He wants the election to be about himself, transformational hero; only the cape is missing from the photo.)

Rick Santorum, by contrast, is pounding Romney relentlessly from the right, with the confidence that comes from having actual core principles. Rick is a much better campaigner than he’s been in the past. 

At the private lunch at CPAC Santorum was asked what he learned from his loss in the last Pennsylvania election. “Humility,” he said, and “not to preach.”

He now speaks for the voter, not at the voter, and people like him for it.

The ongoing HHS mandate drama also helps Santorum, because, while Romney did not want Romneycare to interfere with religious liberty, it did. That’s what happens when you turn huge sectors of the economy over to government control.


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