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Girl Stabbed by Member of ‘Occupy Newfoundland’

A reader writes:

I think St. John’s Newfoundland has the last Occupy protest standing in Canada. Occupy NL is tucked away in a corner of a downtown park, an inhospitable location directly adjacent to the ocean. They’ve been quite innocuous really, and haven’t seemed to bother anyone in the local population.  As expected, they have received consistently positive coverage in the local media

Unfortunately, we had an incident here a couple of days ago where a local girl was stabbed and seriously wounded by a random passerby (you have to understand Newfoundland . . . this type of thing NEVER happens around here!) and wouldn’t you know, the suspect is an Occupier. 

I kind of feel bad for the idealistic kids who have been keeping this little protest alive. They seem quite innocent (dare I say naïve?) but as we’ve seen across North America, these types of things can attract all sorts of unsavory and dangerous people.


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