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Giuliani: GOP Should Stop Focusing on Gay Marriage

Rudy Giuliani thinks the Republican party should cease focusing on gay marriage.

Saying that he believed marriage should be between a man and a woman,  Giuliani nonetheless told CNN’s Candy Crowley that the “Republican Party would be well advised to get the heck out of people’s bedrooms and let these things get decided by states.”

Instead of dwelling on issues like gay marriage, Giuliani said the GOP should focus on matters like the budget and Afghanistan.

He also spoke about a possible 2012 run, saying that his experience in turning around the city of New York gave him a boost over the current crop of candidates.

“I think that I probably have the best record in terms of having done something similar to what the country needs doing right now,” Giuliani said, pointing to the fact that unemployment in New York City went from 10 percent to 5 percent during his tenure, and he turned a budget deficit into a surplus.

Giuliani had warm words for Rick Perry,  praising his “strong record.” Perry was the only Republican governor to endorse him in 2008.

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