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Giuliani Likes Tea

This afternoon, former mayor Rudy Giuliani held a conference call with reporters on the senatorial race in Washington State.

Speaking from Republican candidate Dino Rossi’s office in Seattle, Giuliani endorsed Rossi’s bid to unseat Democratic senator Patty Murray. “Dino Rossi is an excellent candidate for the U.S. Senate. He’s someone who understands that it’s small government and low taxes that create jobs. . . . He’s a businessman with real-world experience and he will be a strong leader,” said Giuliani.

Rossi is locked in a tough fight with Murray, who leads him by one point in the latest Fox News/Rasmussen poll.

Giuliani was asked whether moderates can still find a home in the GOP, particularly after the rise of the tea party. “Absolutely,” Giuliani replied. “I see the tea-party movement and related movements as a reaction to big government, including their fear when they talk about the loss of freedom. They’re talking philosophically. Are there extremes? Yes. But I’m very proud of being a Republican. I like to say I was the first Republican mayor of New York elected in 25 years and the first one to remain a Republican in 50 years.”

The former mayor was also asked if he supported Carl Paladino, the tea-party gubernatorial candidate in New York. “I don’t know him,” Giuliani answered. “You can generally assume I vote Republican. I haven’t made a decision about that race and I have no information about Mr. Paladino more than you have. But that’s my inclination.”


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