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This Gives One Bad Lincoln-Bedroom Flashbacks

In the Washington Times today:

During his first nine months in office, President Obama has quietly rewarded scores of top Democratic donors with VIP access to the White House, private briefings with administration advisers and invitations to important speeches and town-hall meetings.

High-dollar fundraisers have been promised access to senior White House officials in exchange for pledges to donate $30,400 personally or to bundle $300,000 in contributions ahead of the 2010 midterm elections, according to internal Democratic National Committee documents obtained by The Washington Times.

UPDATE: This comes from the RNC:

WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele released the following statement today on the news reported by The Washington Times that President Obama has rewarded top Democrat donors with privileged access to the White House in exchange for pledges of high dollar donations.   

“Bill Clinton turned the White House into a hotel and coffee shop. Now President Obama has turned the White House into a full service resort complete with amenities for the highest Democrat bidder.  The seriousness of this issue requires an immediate investigation looking into the degree and details of fundraising efforts between the White House and DNC, whether there was any quid pro quo offered to donors, and the names of White House officials who were involved in such activities.  The White House should also immediately release the names of donors who have accessed these perks or received special briefings from administration officials.  Candidate Obama pledged to clean up the muddy waters of Washington, but President Obama has jumped in head first.”