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Glenn Kessler V. Douglas Jehl

If you want a stark demonstration of the difference between fair reporting and ax-grinding check out the difference in how the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler and the New York Times’ Douglas Jehl handled the latest Bolton transcripts. The headline of the Post piece captures the spirit of Kessler’s piece accurately, “Senate Staff Interviews Show More Nuanced Image of Bolton.” For instance, Jehl only quoted the seemingly damning bits from former intelligence official Alan Foley’s testimony (headline: “3 Ex-Officials Describe Bullying by Bolton”). Kessler has the honesty to report the exculpatory parts, e.g. that Bolton was “complimentary” of his analysts and that the negotiation with Bolton was “normal.” The Kessler piece just might be the beginning of a turning point in the conventional wisdom over Bolton.


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