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Glenn Thrush Is Not Harvey Weinstein

In response to Run for Your Life

Jonah wrote a good column the other day on how important it is to make distinctions regarding sexual-harassment allegations, since everything is getting lumped together. To that end, I must say this Vox story about Glenn Thrush that led to his suspension from the New York Times — strangely, written by one of his accusers — shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Thrush behaved badly, but drunken advances after-hours at bars when both parties have been drinking is not exactly the scandal of the century, especially when Thrush backed off when he was rebuffed. The allegations of retaliation on the part of Thrush — by allegedly bad-mouthing the women afterwards — seem pretty fuzzy. Thrush should certainly have it impressed on him not to repeat this pattern of behavior, but it would be a travesty if this story cost him his job or his book deal.

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