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“Glib Naiveté”

The WSJ smacks Huck’s Fair Tax (and Huck in general):

Some say Mr. Huckabee is the tribune of the “religious left,” and that strikes us as about right. He exhibits protectionist instincts, distancing himself from Nafta and saying he would insist on penalties and barriers to countries that don’t support his conception of “fair trade.” He delivers populist sermons against income inequality, but in favor of farm subsidies and an expanded government role in health care. He regularly knocks Wall Street, and he borrows from the Democratic playbook with digs at “the rich.”

The irony is that if he ever did win the nomination, Mr. Huckabee would be vulnerable to the same sort of attacks from the left, if not more so. The political contradiction of his economic policy is that, even as he campaigns as a populist, his signature tax proposal is the most radical reform imaginable–the so-called “fair tax.”


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