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Global Warming Cabal Cont’d

Hey folks, a bunch of readers are cross with me for my post late yesterday when I said a reader was way too conspiratorial but not “altogether crazy” for his conspiracy theory about global warming alarmists. Here’s the link for the post. Yeah, I could’ve been more clear. Here’s the thing: I don’t in anyway think the alarmists don’t really believe Global Warming isn’t a big problem. The not altogether crazy part of the email I had in mind is that the alarmists understand that everything depends on getting Kyoto-style protocols enacted. That way, if the problem gets worse, the time-honored logic of progressive social policy will demand even greater “reforms.” If the problem gets better, they will argue that even this small improvement has validated “expert” control over economic planning and that “this is no time to get complacent.” The ratchet-effect will kick-in.

Update: Touché, a reader asks: “Exactly how a triple negative is “more clear”, I don’t know.”

Okay, how’s “I believe global warming alarmists are sincere in their belief global warming is real.” 

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