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Gloom & Doom On The Seine

From a reader waxing Derbish:

Most people are averting their eyes from this, for the simple reason

that it is too horrible to contemplate. Probably 10% of the French

population is Moslem; if this is what happens in a country where

the children of Mohammed reach or exceed that percentage, then

all of Europe is going to be going down the same road in the next

five years.

Nobody working for any magazine or newspaper or network really wants

to contemplate this, because among other things it means that the

very idea of muliticulturalism is simply wrong: there are some

cultures that cannot co-exist with such fundamental Western concepts

as “free speech”. Given that multiculturalism is itself a

fundamental piece of the liberal world view, giving it up is very

much akin to giving up one’s religion, faith in Mom’s apple pie,

or something equally basic.

I suspect that some people will literally prefer to risk death

over giving up their faith in multiculteralism. Unhappily for the

rest of us, the riots in France, the situation in parts of Malmo,

and other indicators in Europe strongly suggest that by refusing

to give up the multi-culti dream, they are causing all of the

rest of us to risk death as well.

Did you read Frum’s column today? How about McCarthy’s? If not,

take a few moments and do so, and let McCarthy’s last question

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